Coffee Time is a slice of life comic that centers around a group of kids that work in a Coffee Shop. While there is no star character or solitary story focus, each volume leads up to an exciting final episode with some sort of life-changing event happening for the characters. Whether it's Chester's big race, Steph's acceptance of her and Tom's relationship, or an action-packed fight between Tanaka and Max carnage, there is plenty of diverse story for all to enjoy.

The concept started out with much simpler comic strip style shorts and eventually grew into much more complicated storylines that never let the base cliches of the characters rule the day. We let the characters be themselves and not what we thought they were, like most people in life there's more going on than appearances tell. These two volumes are packed with drama, comedy, action, teen romance, street racing, and all around fun. Some of it is pretty raw as this is Tobias & John working together for the first time. But if you like their current work it may be an interesting way to see how they've grown through the years.

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