Tobias was born in Germany, the land of beer and chocolate. He has been drawing since the day he lifted his first crayon and has never looked back. Still a starving artist, he has also taken on the roles of husband and father. He has high hopes that the new inception of this website will be the next step towards a more freeing life as an artist.

To see more from Tobias check out his art blog or his portfolio.


Eat. Write. Work. Sleep. Repeat.

This is the basic structure of John's life, though he allows himself to step outside this box periodically to enjoy time with his future wife and the world in general. His main push for writing is to further explore his ideas on why things are the way they are and maybe come to a conclusion or two. Many consider writing to be a lonely journey, but John thinks it's only a lonely journey if he can't get the coversation started. He considers it more lonely to be writing in the third person as he is right now.

To read his ramblings on peace, freedom, revolution, and other things you can go to his blog...if you dare...seriously.